Dedicated Server

Until recently, a dedicated server was too expensive for the small business. Equipment cost thousands of dollars and it required a network administrator. Totally a budget-buster. You might want one. You might need one. It was just too expensive. That's no longer true.

Now, you can get a real server computer, installed in your office, for a fixed monthly cost. You don't have to buy the equipment and you won't need to hire a computer guru. Here's the plan:

  • Server in your building
  • Excellent local performance
  • More capacity than a cloud server
  • No network administrator needed
  • Equipment in stock and ready to ship

A dedicated server is the high-performance way to share a customer database and associated documents throughout the office. This kind of server can easily store hundreds of thousands of documents. A dedicated server weighs in at about 50lbs and looks like this:

server computer

The server comes with all the software installed and setup. Just plug in power and network cables and you're ready to go. Place your order today and it will ship tomorrow. Onsite installation is free in the Western New York area.

A dedicated server lets your small business act like a major enterprise. With Giant you get big-time performance and reliability at a predicatable monthly cost of only $75/user.

Get your server by calling 716-985-4000