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Whenever it takes too long to find out the real facts about a customer, your people are forced to make decisions based on their memory and gut feel. They guess and they assume. You can do much better than that.

Imagine you are a brand new employee. The phone rings and it's a customer calling. You need to decide how to handle the call. How much can you learn in 30 seconds? With Giant, a lot. Just pop-up a screen that looks like this.

customer screen

This screen clearly shows that Abbott Tools is an established customer and has done lots of business with your company. See the order history with the newest orders on top? Abbott Tools pays their bills quickly. They are a good customer.

It's sad when mistakes are made because only some of the staff has access to information that others really need to know about. It's hard telling a good customer from a bad one when you can't quickly view customer order history and see how fast they pay their bills.

Of course, it takes more than just numbers to understand your relationship with a customer. Notice that there are contact notes followed by other correspondence. You are looking at software that puts information front and center so everybody sees your customers in the same way.

You need to connect word processing with your accounting system. Unless that's done customer documents get stored in a different place than customer orders. That makes it hard to find everything. Connecting these pieces works better.

From the customer screen you're just a click away from contact notes - valuable tidbits of information - things somebody might know - things you don't remember. Don't rely on scribbled Post-it notes stuck somewhere or, even worse, information that's kept in somebody's head.

contact notes

Putting the contact notes right next to order history lets everybody in your office be a little smarter. One little note after each meeting or phone conversation creates a detailed picture of what's happening with each customer.

For managers, there's a big menu with lots reports. Simple customer reports create lists and labels. Other customer reports talk about payments, calculate receivables, prepare statements, and analyze your sales.

menu options

There's even a database tool - useful when you have a specific question. The next screen shows the query for a customer profitability report. If you press the Run button without typing anything, the standard report comes out. Changes to query will create a custom report (and we will help you figure out exactly what to type).

query screen

Your custom report could show details instead of totals, focus in on a single customer, select a different time period, or look at a specific product. You'll like having a database because you can use it to find answers to questions.

We expect and welcome questions, especially when you're learning the system. It's important for both of us that you get off to a good start so don't be afraid to contact us.

Your monthly subscription includes support, software, and even the server. You choose between an internet based cloud server and a file server that's installed in your building. There are no up-front costs and no long-term contract.

Giant takes care of your accounting and document filing. Finally, a simple system that lets people work together and act as one team. When the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, it makes a big difference.

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