Why Use Giant

What tools are in place today so your people can understand the relationship between your company and its customers? Without that clear picture, showing which customers are good and which are not worth keeping, how do you stand a chance?

In his book, The Eighth Habit, author Stephen Covey talks about a poll of 23,000 employees. A key finding was that only 15 percent felt their company enabled them to execute key goals like providing appropriate customer service. I have a way to eliminate that problem in your company.

The Giant system takes the idea of a manilla customer folder and brings the concept into the electronic age. You create one customer folder and share it so that everybody in your company gets to see the total story of each customer. A simple idea that will let your employees make better decisions.

To prepare for a meeting

Customer meetings are important events that don't happen everyday. When you prepare for such a meeting do you grab a brochure and blank notepad? I have something more substantial in mind.

Wouldn't you feel better bringing along a printed order history and contact notes detailing conversations that your company had with that customer? Go into the meeting with a smile on your face, knowing you are ready to talk with your customer about actual orders and specific problems.

It's bigger than Quickbooks

Giant is like a big truck capable of carrying volumes of data while Quickbooks is like a sports car, flashy but not designed for heavy loads. Giant has handled 50,000 orders per year (and done it year after year) supporting over 90 workstations. It can carry lots of data and many users so you will not outgrow it.

Another difference is focus. Quickbooks makes for a good relationship between your company and your accountant. Giant is designed for the relationship between your company and your customers. I like my accountant but love my customers.

Giant is simple to use and it needs to be simple so that everybody can use it. Screens are uncluttered and the keyboard works. Learning how to find things takes about 5 minutes. Quickbooks is more complicated. People attend training classes to learn where to point and what to click.

Rather than being limited to accounting, include customer word processing documents to let everybody see the complete picture.

Nobody has software for YOUR business

With Giant, you can discuss the special needs of your business with the programmer. In the past, special searching features were added that are useful for real estate insurance companies. Ajustments were made for a copier business from South Africa. An electronics manufacturer got their component inventory reduced as circuit boards were made. Programmers have the ability to customize software to match business requirements. It's not free but offers an efficiency that translates to competitive advantage for you.

In conclusion...

Ten years ago, you could have been running Giant and have gathered ten years of history. You can't change the past but, starting tomorrow, you can prepare for the next ten years. Looking smarter with order history and contact notes increases sales and avoids mistakes. Get started now.

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